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God has made some BIG promises in His Word and not one has failed. Yet we still struggle from time to time to believe God's promises. What has God promised us? What does its fulfillment look like? How does it affect us today?


Listen to Dr. Petersen as he teaches through Luke's Gospel and shows both the promises and the fulfillment of these most excellent promises and how we are to live our lives based on the promises of God. 

2 Samuel
After God's Heart

Are you struggling to know the heart of God? What does it mean to be a "man after God's own heart"? King David was such a man and in 2 Samuel, we learn from his life as a king just how to live and seek after God's heart. 


If you are ready to take the next step in your relationship with God and want to know Him better, listen to this insightful and deep study and learn just how to live after God's heart. 

Messages for the Moment
Struggling with determining God’s will from man’s will? Listen to...
God deserve it, but are you giving God your best? Listen to…
Experiencing sorrow? Is it the right type? Listen to…
Being tested? What to pass God’s test? Listen to…
Searching for joy? Where is joy found? Listen to...
Feeling defeated? Want Victory? Listen to…
Life not turning out as expected? You need God’s perspective. Listen to…  

Highlighted Series
The Significance of Suffering

If God loves us, then why do we suffer? Learn the purpose and place of sufferings through the life and writings of Paul as Jensen teaches about the true mark of those loved by God. 

This series is for everyone, if you are suffering, know someone struggling, or are confused about the glorious outcome of suffering in the Kingdom.

The Master Plan
God is building His Kingdom and seigramps of hell will not overpower it. But how is God building His kingdom? Nehemiah gives us the blueprints for kingdom building, how to build a church and a family. Kingdom building follows the same principles that Nehemiah employed in building the walls around Jerusalem. Do you know how to properly build?
Learn how to build the Kingdom of God through this pracital blueprint outlined in the book of Nehemiah.