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Being Light in a Dark World from Dr. Jensen Petersen on Vimeo.

Dr. Petersen sheds light on how God teaches us to be light in a dark world through the teaching tool of the oil lamp.

The Revelation
The Revelation

How does it all end? What will be the signs and what will happen? Where will you be? Is it really "the end"... or is it the beginning of something new? Listen to Dr. Petersen as he teaches through this often missunderstood and missapplied book, the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and reveals, using the rest of the Scriptures, what will happen and what we are to do right now to be ready. 

Important Books to Understand the Revelation
The History of the Hebrew people is forever rooted and tied to the Exodus. It is where our people became a nation, where the Almight redeemed us, and set us apart to be a nation of priests. But there are even deeper meaning that go beyond considering ourselves as once slaves, for the book lays out the ground work for The Lord's redemptive plan for humanity and the end of the age. 
Travel deep with Dr. Petersen to the rich root of the Olive Tree and discover our ancient Jewish heriatage in a new and fresh way that will forever change you and the way you view the world. 

Wars, politics, world events, transfer of power from nation to nation, what will happen next? God spoke to the prophet Daniel and told him about His plan for the world before the Messiah would come. These events give us clues as to the signs we need to look for before the Messiah's second coming. But do not be afraid as to what will happen next, God is in control.
List to Dr. Petersen as he takes you through an in-depth study of the prophetic book of Daniel, what happened in the past, what will happen in the future and how it will change your life today.

Remember Who Rules

With so much evil around us, we need to be reminded who really rules. God speaks to the prophet Zechariah who is to remind the people that God in Heaven rules. So how does He rule, what will it be like before and when He returns?

Listen and learn as Dr. Jensen takes us through this incredibly prophetic book that reminds us who rules and what we must to under His rule.

Messages for the Moment
Struggling with determining God’s will from man’s will? Listen to...
God deserve it, but are you giving God your best? Listen to…
Experiencing sorrow? Is it the right type? Listen to…
Being tested? What to pass God’s test? Listen to…
Searching for joy? Where is joy found? Listen to...
Feeling defeated? Want Victory? Listen to…
Life not turning out as expected? You need God’s perspective. Listen to…  

Highlighted Series



God has made some BIG promises in His Word and not one has failed. Yet we still struggle from time to time to believe God's promises. What has God promised us? What does its fulfillment look like? How does it affect us today?


Listen to Dr. Petersen as he teaches through Luke's Gospel and shows both the promises and the fulfillment of these most excellent promises and how we are to live our lives based on the promises of God. 

1 Kings
1 Kings

We all leave a legacy, some good, some bad. Want to leave a Godly Legacy that will last in lives long after your life? Listen and learn how to live Legacy Lives from good and bad examples of the lives of Israel's kings. 


Listen to Dr. Petersen as he takes you through the lives of Israel's kings, their highs and lows, their successes and their stumbles and what we should learn as to live lives worthy of others to follow in our footsteps.